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All of our puppies have AKC registration and will be very small - 2- 5 lbs. All are raised in a family environment and are given training to a pee pad, crate training, dog purse training, come with a certificate of health from the vet, first set of shots and wormings, AKC papers, and a starter pack with food, treat and information on your new baby such as care and keeping. We are available if you need any help or have any questions. The parents of the puppies are here on site (our sweet pets) and are available to see at the same time the puppies are seen.


AKC recently released the findings of a long term study confirming the importance of socialization during the first 15 weeks of a puppies life as the most important factor in shaping the lifetime personality of the puppies life. We have always known this and for that reason our socialization program begins at birth. Our dogs have never seen a day inside of a kennel. They were born and raised in a family home and loved and handled daily from birth. In addition, we potty train them to both a pee pad and to go potty outside in the grass. They are taken out in public in their puppy purse to meet strangers and unfamiliar situations. They are introduced to other animals, children, men and women. Resulting in puppies that are not afraid and instead are confident in all types of situations. If you keep up the training program we have started you will never have a problem. Where else can you get a 2 month old with this kind of training? That is exactly what you get when you adopt one of our pups. Visit the Testimonials page to read what others have to say. You will see that indeed the program works. We back our claims with the work required to make this possible. Each puppy has receive hundreds of hours of training before they leave for their new family homes and it shows in their good manners and great behavior. Just ask anyone who has one of our puppies.  Whoever said you can't train a 2 month old puppy anything clearly has never met our puppies.

To read the article on socialization written by AKC, click on the following link: http://www.akc.org/enewsletter/akc_breeder/2008/winter/puppy.cfm

Please Note:
I do NOT sell to pet stores or dog brokers. I follow and abide by all AKC standards and practices. I only place my puppies in loving homes that have a family environment. The puppies I sell are from my Chihuahua breeding pairs. No Puppy Mills!

Piper Grace at NYC Fashion Week 2014
A BIG Congratulations!
Piper Grace made her runway debut at NYC Fashion Week 2014 and television debut on Telemundo! Another star is born!
Her beautiful outfit is by Anthony Rubio Designs.

Fashion Week 2015 Anthony Rubio Design
We would like to congratulate Nellie on her photo shoot for GW Little Catalog.

To see more photos of this little star and to find great Chihuahua fashions, visit http://www.gwlittle.com/
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Obi is by far the most loving and well-mannered Chihuahua on the planet. To find Obi we looked at dozens of different breeders in and around our home town, but when we found you guys and saw the love and attention that goes into raising each of your pups we knew we found a haven for the right pup. You guys are truly amazing in the way you train the little pups. Obi is only four months old and due to you guys starting his potty training early he is fully potty trained on a puppy pad and waits at the door when he wants to go outside. I have owned two Chihuahuas in the past and both were big barkers and Obi has never once barked. When Obi meets new people he rolls over on his back asking for a belly rub, it is so cute! WE LOVE OBI and hope to get another puppy some day soon. Thank You So Very Much for This Amazing Pup!!!!

Updated photo of Obi as an adult
Updated photo of Pico
UPDATE Annie is ready to begin Agility Trials!
UPDATE Lexi is doing great!
Puppy Playtime Video

** We donate a portion of our proceeds to local Chihuahua rescue and therapy dog work . **

"We can't stop all suffering, but
that doesn't mean we shouldn't stop any. "
-Albert Schweitzer

Remember to never buy a puppy from a pet store or a breeder online that will not let you visit their home and see the conditions the puppies and the parents are raised in.  Never buy a dog from a puppy mill!
Puppy mills = Cruelty to Animals
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Harley is not for sale.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie Premiere
Disney had a photo shoot and private screening of their new movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and invited all of their Chihuahua friends out for a photo op. We had a great time, all our beautiful chis had their picture taken. Who knows, you may see their pictures when you go to see the movie. Enjoy!

Our Platinum Chihuahua babies