Beware of breeders that offer AKC papers for an additional cost. All AKC puppies should come with their papers at no additional cost.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) Dog Registration Application is your assurance that you have a purebreed dog with a complete lineage on file with the AKC. AKC is the recognized association by which all pure breed dogs in America are registered.   Any AKC dog registered with the AKC via Dog Registration Application allows you to participate in Rated Dog shows and all AKC events. Although shows or obedience and performance events may not be in your current plans, you may later decide to participate in one of the many AKC events. To participate, your dog must be AKC-registered. AKC rules require that your dog be registered within 12 months of the date the litter is registered. Late registration may be considered, but a penalty fee is imposed.

All Registrations Are Not Equal
  • When you buy a dog represented as "AKC registrable," you will receive an AKC Dog Registration application, filled out by the seller
  • Be wary of excuses such as "AKC hasn't sent the papers yet." The AKC Dog Registration Form should be available at the time you pick up your puppy. If not, wait until the breeder receives it before you pay for and take home the pup.
  • The AKC is the only purebred dog registry which conducts kennel inspections to ensure the proper care and conditions of AKC-registered dogs. Make sure your new puppy's registration and papers have the official AKC seal.
  • AKC does not accept registrations from most other domestic registries, so don't assume that you can transfer your dog's registration to AKC after buying the dog.
  • Buyers should look for AKC registration, the only registry that offers the services, events and commitment to purebred dogs that buyers—and their canine companions—deserve.

I have included this page on my web site to help families become informed on known scams and scammers. I hear so many stories of heartbreak from good people simply trying to add a healthy pet to their family and end up in nightmare situations because they just did not know who they are dealing with. This is for informational purposes only. I have not written any of these articles, just passing the info along that I learn from my puppy buyers and internet info on the subject. I truly hope that this helps unsuspecting buyers to beware!

Puppy Scammer List

AKC Puppy Buyers Beware

The American Kennel Club is dedicated to helping potential dog owners acquire a dog responsibly. Dog ownership is a long term commitment that starts by researching the right breed for your lifestyle, finding a reputable breeder and being ready for the financial and emotional responsibility—and the many rewards—of owning a dog.

Purchasing a dog should be a positive and gratifying experience. Yet many potential pet owners may become so eager to bring a dog into their home that they might not be aware that some people are poised to take advantage of their enthusiasm. more

2/2/2009 New information on Robert Ives , charged with 13 counts of animal neglect! Click here to watch video and see full details....

Gizmo Star Chihuahuas, Bob Ives, Connie, Robert Ives scam not purebred chihuahua, fraudulent papers Hesperia California

Submitted: 2/5/2008 3:54:12 PM

I purchased a chihuahua puppy from these disgusting individuals almost two years ago. Sure, when she was 1 pound, she looked like a chihuahua. Now, she looks nothing like one! She is much larger than a chihuahua and has a really long nose. I love her, so it doesn't matter -- but I had her DNA checked and she is not a chihuahua at all! She is a min pin dachshund mix!!!!

These people are EVIL -- DO NOT ADOPT FROM THEM. They charge through the
roof for puppies that aren't even chihuahuas.

They were banned from breeding great danes, so now they moved onto chihuahuas & they can't even get that right.

los angeles, California

Report: Bette Block Robert Ives,
Bette Block Robert Ives,, Gizmo Star Chihuahuas Cheaped me out of deposit after I found out sick puppies were being sold! Palm Springs California, Internet

I put a deposit down on a puppy with these monsterous people. It was my three hundered dollars, since I am a college student it is 2 weeks worth of pay for me. Not long after i found out that they were selling sick puppies that dies after innocent buyers received them. I had to fight for the three hundred dollars back through my credit card company. Bette Block told me that I was the one commiting fraud when I was trying to get my own hard earned money back. Do not buy from these people, they are liars and are only interested in money. Buy local not online, take the point from the lesson that I learned.

Rocklin, California

Report: Robert Ives Bette Block Robert Ives Bette Block LIARS! Don't buy from them. Cash only! Buyers Beware! Las Vegas Internet Robert Ives Bette Block

Submitted: 9/19/2007 7:56:23 PM

Modified: 9/19/2007 7:56:00 PM
Tracy h.FALL RIVER, Massachusetts

I want to warn everyone not to buy from I emailed them to find out the weights and ages of two puppies. They sent me back an email that said the dogs were extremely tiny and one weighed 14oz @ 7 weeks and the other was 12 weeks and weighed 19 oz. I got the puppies and they were sick (eye infections and kennel cough). The now 8 week old puppy weighed 2lbs and the now 13 week old puppy weighed 2lbs 1oz. We contacted Bette Block and Bob Ives the owners of and they could've cared less. I couldn't understand why they accept paypal for deposits but not for the full payment of the dog. Now I found out the reason, they LIE to you. They sound like very nice older people on the phone and they take advantage of you. No wonder you can't see the dogs before you buy them only online and you can't pay for the dogs via credit card so you have a chance of disputing the charge and getting your money back. I told them how upset I was that my chihuahuas at home are very tiny and they told me to sell the new puppies I just bought from them. They're such heartless people. No apologies, nothing from them. THey're in it for the money. Pay attention to their website it looks like a 12 year old set it up. That should've been a clear indication to stay away from them. I hope no one else expects a tiny puppy and receives big sick dogs like we did.

Tracy h.
FALL RIVER, Massachusetts
U.S.A. Bob Ives Bette Block

Submitted: 11/12/2007 3:07:28 PM

Modified: 11/12/2007 3:07:00 PM


Provo, Utah

Whatever you do, dont buy a puppy from these people!!! You have to give a non-refundable deposit through paypal, and you have to give them cash for the full amount of the puppy. When you look at the website and talk to them they sound live very responsible people, and they sound like they care about their puppies, its all a scam. On September 14th they delivered a tiny little girl silver merle to me, it was unbelievably dirty and smelly!!! Oh i know that dogs smell but I have never smelt something so aweful!! It took 5 washes to finally get the smell out, thats how bad it was. She barely opened her eyes, and they were very very gunky, everytime when she would wake up i had to wipe them with a wet cloth so she could actually open them. I called and asked bob about that and he said it was normal. She kept throwing everything up whenever she would eat, so i called bob and he said to just give her the hard food, and some yogurt. But she just kept getting worse so I took her to the vet as soon as it opened on monday. She had blood vessels in her eye so she would need surgery for that, The soft spot on her head was from ear to ear so that was a lot worse than it should be, her temperature was extremely low, she had a bad cough, the vet said she would need lots of work and it would be very expensive to bring her back to health. I paid $1200 for her, they say you get a healthy dog! She had a seizure and died. They replaced the dog but refused to give me a small one because i was apparently unfit to look after it, so i said that a 3-4 pound would be good, they said they would bring several dogs down so i could play with them and pick one, the day before they said they could only bring one, so i asked them to bring a long haired black boy that was for sale for $500, they refused to give me the difference in the amount. When i got the dog is was not the one I asked for, he was huge. I was also allergic to the long hair of the dog. They did not care that he was not the dog i asked for. They said it was the dog i asked for and if i was not happy with it i should just sell it. So i took it to the vet and he had, round worms, giaria, and no bacteria in his body what so ever. You are supposed to have a lot of good bacteria in your body to help digest and keep nutrients in your body. This puppy is now 7lbs and still growing. They refuse to do anything to help and they have threatened to press harrassment charges against me for wanting to get the puppy i asked for. They are horrible dog owners. Something has to be done to stop them!!! Do not buy from them!!

Provo, Utah