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Below are some questions we have received regarding our Chihuahuas and the breed in general. I hope these will answer your questions but if not, contact us and we'll do our best to help you out.

Do Chihuahuas get along with children?
Chihuahua dogs are very loving around kids. However, we don't recommend leaving the dog alone with children under the age of six unless closely supervised. Due to the unique size of the breed they can easily become injured.

What is the Chihuahua's behavior around other breeds?
A Chihuahua puppy adapts to other breeds very quickly. It requires a very short amount of time to socialize and get used to other dogs in the house. However, it is wise for an adult to supervise the animals, when together, until they feel comfortable with one another.

How often do I bathe my new Chihuahua puppy?
It depends on the weather and also on the schedule you want your dog to get used to. We recommend once a month. It is not recommended for any breed of dog to be bathed and then go outdoors in cold weather.

What does purebred mean? Purebred animals start by being registered by an animal registration organization. Please don't be fooled by false adds that sound to good to be true.  All of my puppies are AKC registered. At the time of the final sale you will get registration documentation at the time of your puppy's delivery.
What should I feed my new puppy? It is recommended to start with small puppy breed dry food. You can buy a brand named Maximum Nutrition sold at Walmart, Eukanuba or Science Diet are also recommended and can be found in many pet stores. I use Eukanuba puppy food made specifically for small breed dogs.

How much will my puppy weight fully grown? Purebred Chihuahuas weigh six pounds or less fully grown. However, a lot depends on the way you feed your new puppy. It is important to feed your pup properly and monitor his or her weight. My puppies are generally in the 3-4 lb range.
I am looking for a puppy who can form a bond with me, and is still friendly to other people, who is good with other animals (I don't own any but several of my friends do).  I would like my dog to stick close to home and ideally be on the quieter side as I live in a condo.  Which of the females do you feel matches this description the best, either fawn or cream colored?  I understand what you are asking for and all of these puppies are going to fit what you are looking for. Chihuahua's are very intelligent and are quick learners however you must work closely with them when they are puppies so that you will have a great dog for the next 15+ years. I begin training them from the time they are very small. Already they are crate trained, have been socialized to my 107 pound Golden Retriever and cat, love to sit on your lap and be with you when you are around, ride in a dog purse, are trained to pee pads and or newspaper, and are very quiet. All of the parents are very quiet and I expect that the puppies will be the same. They will bark to let you know someone is at the door but that is the extent of their barking. They are great watch dogs but not very good guard dogs due to their small size. Chihuahua's generally do not require much exercise other than running around the house or a small yard and will form a close bond with you while still loving others that come around. I socialize all of my dogs to men and women by having both myself and my husband handle them as well as our children. If you take your puppy around your friends and others, they will continue to love many people while holding you special and apart.

 How much of a deposit do you require and what type of funds do you prefer (cash, check, etc.) Is the deposit refundable if after meeting the puppies I feel I cannot connect with any of them?  If not, is it applicable to the next litter of puppies you will have? I ask for a $500 deposit to hold a puppy and the balance paid in full before you take the puppy home. If you wish to pay by check, I will need payment two weeks before you pick up to give the check time to post. If you pay cash  you can pay the day you pick up the pup. If you decide to not take the puppy, you will receive a full refund.
What health problems have the parents experienced?   All of my parents have perfect health certificates and do not have any of the problems associated with this breed. You will receive a health certificate from our veterinarian about your new puppy with your purchase that lists all of the vet check information on it.
Do the puppies come with a parvo vaccination? Yes, they recieve the first set of shots at 6 weeks and their second at 8 weeks. I also worm them at 6,8 and 10 weeks as recommended by the vet. I also provide proof of all shots given at the time you pick your puppy up.
I work 4 nights a week so will be gone from my home for up to 8 hours; how long can the puppy stay home alone?  Would it be best to have someone come in and take care of her while I am gone, or would it be best to take her to a pet sitter of some kind? It would be okay for the puppy to be alone during your work hours. You can purchase an exercise pen from pet smart, pet co, etc. and set it up in your home with the puppy crate, food and water and a pee pee pad or buy a baby gate and set the crate, food, water and pee pee pad in the bathroom with the baby gate at the door while you are away. This will keep the puppy safe while you are gone and also prevent accidents. You can leave the crate door open so the pup can sleep inside and then come out to eat and use the bathroom on the pee pad. I have them in an exercise pen as I just described when they sleep at night and they do really great. You should not have a problem.
Can I keep in contact with you if I purchase a puppy from you? I would be happy to help you anytime you need. If you do purchase a puppy from me, I would love if you sent me photos now and again and I will post them on my web site. I love to hear updates on how you are doing and want you to have many happy years with your new bundle of love.